Those of you who have been waiting for my father’s memoirs to come out for non-kindle ereaders can stop waiting!

White Water Landings comes out 1st September, at Barnes & Noble, on Apple iBooks, online stores supplied by Kobo, and of course, the good old standby, Smashwords.

The romance of pre-war air travel meets the romance of a man and a woman kept apart by war, in this memoir of a young man and his career in Africa with Imperial Airways. The book covers intriguing details of the Empire Flying Boat Service: commissioning of the ‘boats; indiscretions of the passengers; the dangers of a herd of buffalo at night, and the bravery of exiles awaiting war-time transport.

You can order it today and it should be delivered to you tomorrow.  If you order it from Smashwords with the code LV58Q you can get it half-price ($2.50 instead of $4.99).  Coupon valid through 8th September, as they say.  Last time I looked Apple had it discounted to $2.99 at iTunes.

You can also get it in paperback and hardback formats, as well as on Kindle at Amazon.  Then again, you can get the kindle file at Smashwords with the discount voucher, too!

White Water Landings for Nook, Kobo and iPad
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