I got this book on my kindle a long time ago – maybe in November 2013, which is when it got onto my To Read list.  I apologise to the author for taking so long to get around to it.  But it was worth the wait!

The Blurb

Jay Tessier returns home from Afghanistan yearning for the solitude of his beloved Montana forests. Suddenly, he finds himself on the run when he disrupts the attempted kidnapping of pop star Elly Wittenbel. Jay’s survival and combat skills as a Force Recon Marine, or “Ghost,” are tested as Elly and Jay flee through the vast wilderness while the FBI investigates her disappearance. The two must learn to trust each other despite their completely different backgrounds. Jay and Elly’s relationship grows as he deals with the effects of war and losing his best friend, and she strives to overcome a drug addiction and to regain control of her chaotic life.

My Review

This is a pacy action novel with lots of great insights into pop culture, wilderness survival and the military mind.  Well, I can’t vouch for how accurate any of the insights are, but it felt good, and was a real page turner.  There were enough twists to keep me happy, without anything being too outrageous, and a satisfactory (if a little expected) ending.  In fact , it turned out how you wanted it to, and suspected it would, even though you wondered how it was going to when you read it.  I think that’s the definition of suspense, really.  A good undemanding read and recommended.


This is a very enjoyable thriller, with a Marine on leave from Afghanistan being in the wrong place (or the right place) when a rock star is kidnapped in deepest Montana. Lots of hiking and a high body count. The protagonists are in their 20s, but the ending made me feel it was fine for older YA.

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Book Review | Elly’s Ghost by John R Kess

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