I’m very grateful to the BookShelf Gargoyle for devising the opportunity to review my year in book titles.  I hope this is funny enough to help you over your seasonal excesses 🙂

You can copy and paste these prompts (as I did) and add suitable titles of books you’ve read….  just give Bruce Gargoyle some credit for them!

So far, I would describe this year as being: Southern Fried

I’m tipping that the next big thing in Reality TV shows will be: Let’s Get Invisible

I could have cried when: Uncorking a Lie

I would love to have some respite from: The Whispering Skull

The most unexpected thing that happened this year involved: Death by Pumpkin

My non-bookish friends would say I: Gasp of the Ghoulish Guinea Pig

My motto for 2018 will be: Into the Wild

I am most looking forward to: The Time Traveller’s Resort and Museum

A recurring dream I’ve had this year features: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

If you looked under my couch you would see: The Hippopotamus

If I could no longer blog, I would probably pursue a career in: How to Stage a Catastrophe

Something most people don’t know about me is: How to Stop Time

Voting is still open for my Book of the Year

If you’ve already voted for my Book of the Year, thank you.  If you haven’t please do.  You can check the details here.

I’m not saying who’s in the lead… because there are two going neck and neck at the moment!

My Year in Book Titles – 2017

3 thoughts on “My Year in Book Titles – 2017

  • 29 December, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Ok, I lost it at recurring dream! Though I suspect you’re a bit late to fulfil that one …

    • 1 January, 2018 at 7:16 pm

      Yeah. But I could substitute the leader of another major world power…

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