What makes royalty special?  Why should someone become king just because he’s born to the right parent?  Today’s 250 word flash fiction (for the Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition) goes to the heart of one of King Fred’s problems – and the future of the Princelings of the East series.

castle marsh with cityWhat makes royalty special?

“Why should Princess Jasmine be the next king, anyway?” asked Hector, the latest recruit to Castle Marsh’s security guard.

“Queen,” Sergeant Neeps muttered under his breath.

“’Cos she’s next in line, daftie.”  Lola looked up from the rifle she was polishing, “what’s it to you, anyway?”

“I’m just saying, I don’t see why.  She’s no better than us, nor is he.”

“You watch yer mouth.” Neeps cut in. “They’re head of this castle, and we’re sworn to protect them.”

“How does digging ditches protect them?”

“Protects us all,” Neeps said, trying to keep his voice calm.  This youngster was trouble.  He’d been assigned here to keep him out of mischief. “Stops the marsh flooding, ruining all our food, leaving us to starve. King Fred thinks ahead, he does.  And his brother does the clever work with the engines.”

“So? You don’t have to be king to do that.”

“And what would you know about it, pray?”

“I’m just asking.”

“Well, it’s just the way it is.” Neeps went back to scribbling in his journal.

“If I was king I’d do much more for the people.”

“Oh, yeah? Like what?” Neeps threw his journal aside and glared at the young troublemaker.

“Like… having people vote for the king they wanted.”

“We’d vote for Fred.” Neeps’ word was final.

Hector subsided, scowling.  They’re idiots.  I know people who would make great rulers, without all the airs and graces.  They don’t push little people around. I’ll show them.

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#FridayFlash Fiction | What makes royalty special?
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3 thoughts on “#FridayFlash Fiction | What makes royalty special?

  • 9 February, 2018 at 2:23 am

    A shame Neeps doesn’t take the time top explain things to Hector that no matter how the original person became King it’s the duties and responsibilities towards all the people that the current King takes on that makes them King now. In places where the King does nor take on the burden of care then he can be brought down and maybe the Monarchy are abolished, But, for most they remain a focal point for all the people who take care of the people in times of crisis.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  • 9 February, 2018 at 8:08 am

    I agree, David. But I only had 250 words for the story!

  • 11 February, 2018 at 5:51 am

    It looks like trouble is brewing for poor Fred! I do like that you’ve expanded beyond the original feudal assumptions of the first book to have people questioning royalty, though!

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