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Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime is coming to bookstores near you!

I’m delighted to inform you, in case you haven’t seen the news already, that Tick Tock: A Stitch in Time, the #IWSG Anthology for 2018 is nearly out – in fact it will be released May 1st.  Don’t let that stop you pre-ordering it – I have!

In fact, I have read one of the stories already.  So I know it’s going to be good.  I’ve also read the start of C Lee Mackenzie’s story – in this post she placed on the book’s new website.

This is how she describes the setting for her story:

I set Heartless in Chicago in 1871 because that’s when The Great Fire destroyed 300 lives,18,000 buildings and left 100,000 residents homeless. I also wanted to explore the Victorian period with its strict social codes. I loved how macabre it was to have someone murdering young girls in a time when an unmarried couple couldn’t travel in a closed carriage together and the word “leg” was not permissible in polite conversation–“limb” seems to have passed the moral litmus test though.

Which Tick Tock story have I already read?

You can probably work out by scrutinising the authors listed in the blurb below.  Unless there were further changes after the last version I read, this is how it starts:

“Shut it, you sotted fool!”

“It’s th’ lord’s truth.” The too-loud words were cut off by the sound of a blow, and Lira looked up from the bar she was cleaning. In the back corner, two shepherds lambasted one another drunkenly. Sighing, she picked up the stout club she kept at hand to maintain the peace, and stepped from behind the bar. Crossing the room in three strides, Lira grabbed Arthur by the collar, barring the second man from further attack.

Lira dragged the dazed shepherd to the door, propelled him out into the night, and turned to confront his drinking buddy and sparring partner. “You too. Out.”

He cast a forlorn look at the table where half a glass of ale still stood. “Aw, I was just—” He took another look at the bartender’s weapon, and shuffled out the door.

That’s wetted your appetite!

Preorder now!

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Tick Tock TrailerTick Tock: A Stitch in Crime

An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology

The clock is ticking…

Can a dead child’s cross-stitch pendant find a missing nun? Is revenge possible in just 48 minutes? Can a killer be stopped before the rescuers are engulfed by a city ablaze? Who killed what the tide brought in? Can a soliloquizing gumshoe stay out of jail?

Exploring the facets of time, eleven authors delve into mysteries and crimes that linger in both dark corners and plain sight. Featuring the talents of Gwen Gardner, Rebecca M. Douglass, Tara Tyler, S. R. Betler, C.D. Gallant-King, Jemi Fraser, J. R. Ferguson, Yolanda Renée, C. Lee McKenzie, Christine Clemetson, and Mary Aalgaard.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these eleven tales will take you on a thrilling ride into jeopardy and secrecy. Trail along, find the clues, and stay out of danger. Time is wasting…

Mystery & Detective / Crime / Thrillers
Print ISBN 9781939844545
eBook ISBN 9781939844552

As I said above – PRE-ORDER NOW!
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Pre-Order TICK TOCK #IWSG Anthology
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    Thanks for the promo! I have an advance copy, and am enjoying all the stories so far 🙂

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