fi50Empty Nest is the prompt for this month’s Fiction in 50 words #Fi50 flash fiction.

This monthly challenge was the brainchild of Bruce Gargoyle, but is now continued by the Ninja Librarian herself, Rebecca Douglass.  You can get all the prompts and sign up here…  or just post your fifty-word story on your blog and leave the link on Rebecca’s post for the month.

As suggested in this post I decided I needed to do more environmentally related flash fictions – and posts generally. That and scifi and fantasy. My flash fiction generally tends towards those though. The ’empty nest’ prompt made the subject matter somewhat obvious to me. I hope it isn’t quite that obvious to you!

Empty Nest

The golden eagle lifted away from its craggy nest. Two beaks demanded food.

The shepherd guarded his sheep, the hunter stalked the deer; no chance there.

A fox devastated a grouse’s grassy nest. The eagle swooped on the last chick.

Back at its crag, some gamekeepers had stolen its young.

© 2018 J M Pett

The Wild Side of Life by Chas Moonie: Golden Eagles &emdash; Golden Eagle

Picture © The Wild Side of Life by Chas Moonie.  Click picture for website and sharing options.

#Fi50 Fiction in 50 words | Empty Nest

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