The Messenger Misadventures has been out for a week, and I’m very grateful to those people who have already bought it!

About the Messenger Misadventures

This collection of four short stories for young readers (8+) is set on the Isle of Mull, and stars three delightful guinea pig people. Two of them, Dylan and Dougall, were my guinea pigs, and Deirdre came along to keep them company. It starts with Dylan’s Yuletide Journey, although it’s the least magical. Dylan, the castle’s Messenger discovers some people doing strange things with stolen strawberry juice, and gets himself into big trouble. Dougall is in trouble for trying to find a substitute for strawberry juice in their power system, and ‘borrowing’ various items to test his theories. Personally I think he’s justified, since they haven’t got enough power for a Yuletide hot meal!

After Deirdre saves Dylan from a fate worse than death – with the help of a mermaid, she’s with the brothers most of the time in their other adventures. In the third Dougall helps a reindeer recover his compass, even though he doesn’t know what the reindeer means. And Deirdre takes the lead when she does some things better than them in the final story, Dylan and the Lights of Ulva, which is quite mysterious!

messenger misadventures

Buy the Book!

Buy the Messenger Misadventures: for the ebook of your choice on Amazon, Apple Books, B&N for Nook, Kobobooks, and Smashwords at the equivalent of $2.99.

The paperback is also available, linked from the pages above for the greyscale version, or if you’d like the chapter illustrations in their original black/white or colour (as in the ebook) on the Blurb website here. Price £8.25 ($ 12.57)


I’m still writing the third in the Viridian series. With any luck I’ve got past 50k words now. You can check in the progress bar below.

M is for the Messenger Misadventures #AtoZChallenge2021

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