Slow Down is the prompt from today’s photo. I admit I didn’t see the 5 mph sign until I read the prompt post at New2Writing properly! Thank you KL Caley for another intriguing photo, full of possibility.

This is another 250 word flash fiction, dedicated to my dear boy, Neville.

Slow Down to Go Faster

Neville straightened up to try again. He must be able to get over the fence!

Why was this urge upon him? Normally he took life as it came. But now… 

Memories of his friend Roscoe. Roscoe had disappeared one night; had he come this way? To the fence with the 5 sign? 5 what? 

“Five miles an hour,” Roscoe had said. 

“It doesn’t make sense.”

“It will one day.”

He searched everywhere for a way through, scrabbling at the undergrowth and chewing at the wire fence. In his mind he could hear soothing noises, feel a pleasant pressure on his back, encouraging him to relax. Was it a folk memory? He just knew he had to get through, or over, or under.

“Relax… go slower.” Roscoe’s voice came stronger this time. Was he calling from the other side?

It looked lovely on the other side, all green grass and gentle hills.

He settled down, and gave in to the gentle sounds of the breeze rustling the leaves. 

“That’s it. Now just stroll forward. I’m here waiting for you.”

Neville closed his eyes and ambled towards Roscoe’s voice. He felt himself lifted, elevated over the fence, walking on some sort of bridge. Pretty colours surrounded him, sparkling and glittering through his eyelids.

“There you are. I told you it would be faster once you slowed down.”

Neville opened his eyes. Roscoe stood, grinning at him. Ahead were the green fields and lovely grass, and behind, a bridge made from a rainbow.

slow down Neville
Neville: c2015 to 4 Nov 2021

Slow Down to Go Faster | #writephoto Flash Fiction
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