She’s a Killer caught my eye as it went though in a list from Netgalley. New Zealand, climate refugees, and a thriller to boot. Sounded good. And refreshing. I needed something refreshing – this was it.

She’s a Killer

by Kirsten McDougall

ALICE: 30-something, IQ of 159 (almost a genius), only communicates with her mother in Morse code. Her imaginary friend is back.

ERIKA: 15, daughter of hot ‘wealthugee’ who loves Russian literature, genuine genius, killer eyeliner and killer instincts.

The climate is in crisis and wealthy immigrants are flocking to New Zealand for shelter, stealing land, driving up food prices and taking over. But Alice has far more important things to worry about: hating her best friend’s husband, getting free wine and quiet-quitting her dull day job.

Until she meets Erika.

Now, Alice is about to find herself drawn into action of the most radical – and dangerous – kind. Just what is a slacker to do?

Bold, darkly funny and brilliantly bizarre, New Zealand publishing sensation She’s a Killer is the satirical dystopian cli-fi thriller you never knew you needed. Until now.

My Review

I think the imaginary friend was what first caught my eye. I had imaginary friends when I was a kid. This made me wonder when I stopped. Then I realised that the guinea pigs are probably the real life substitutes. Hang on, this makes me sound weird. In fact I began to think I might have a lot in common with Alice.

Alice does some bizarre things. Maybe she should not be so open about them. But then again, you start to wonder whether, in fact, you can believe her. How much of this is in her head? Unreliable narrators can be very tricky beasts. But it turns out that whilst she has her own take on things, and acts in ways that most of us wouldn’t, she has every reason to do so.

The most important question I found myself mulling over, as the suspense built, was … just who is the She of the She’s a Killer?

This is a bizarre, brilliant book. It’ll definitely take your mind off things!

Book Review | She’s a Killer by Kirsten McDougall
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One thought on “Book Review | She’s a Killer by Kirsten McDougall

  • 1 November, 2023 at 3:19 pm

    Another “Maybe?” for my TBR list? Thriller doesn’t appeal, but darkly funny and brilliantly bizarre does.


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