I had a very minor difficulty publishing Princelings on smashwords.com and that was getting the format of the chapter illustrations right.  They kept trying to insert themselves within the Chapter title.  Once I’d solved that (by reading the style guide properly, duh!) it sailed through the conversion process and onto the Smashwords page site.  The chapter headings being uninterrupted meant that it also has a correct internal contents page, so works properly on Kindle.

The good thing is that now I know how this works, I can edit the next book much more easily, as I can stop doing some of the formatting things that are fiddly.

Oh, and it also gets an ISBN code via Smashwords.  It looks very professional.  And my friends with iPads can now get it too.

There is now a vetting process to see if it is up to the required technical standard to go to the major retailers, which I think it will pass as I can’t see anything on their checklist that might upset things.  Fingers crossed.  That could take a week or two, but my timing is good as they say they ship to retailers Thursday or Friday or both depending on numbers.  And today’s Wednesday, and by the time I checked their front page of new releases, I was already on the second page of the list!

If anyone has any comments, wishes to review it, please do, and especially let me know of any keywords/tags I should add to it.  I’m not good at tagging.

Princelings on Smashwords
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