Marco is a cat.  And one day Marco discovers he can read.  After a devastating change to his home circumstances he leaves, finding his way to the Angel Springs library and meeting Cicero and the rest of the Dead Cats Society.  The world Cicero introduces him to leads him to his destiny, but not until after he experiences ancient history through the wonder of time portals and learns enough magic to fight off an evil villain.

There are stories within stories in this book, and I got a wee bit confused about where an early snapshot fitted into the otherwise excellent narrative. Then the whole tale came together into a rocketing roller-coaster of a read that I could no longer put down. I loved the images of Alexandria, so vivid I could almost smell the gardens. An excellent concept and one that I’m sure will be enjoyed by kids of all ages who love books. Liking cats is entirely optional, but you need to be open to sentience in animals.

Looking forward to the next book.

Guardian Cats and the LostBooks of Alexandria by Rahma Krambo

Book Review: Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria
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