This is a slim volume for Third Grade children which I guess would suit age groups 6-9 years old.  I won it in a Children’s Book Week Giveaway.

Time Travel StormWe join Scott and Alex on their school trip to the Sunnyville Historical Village, a re-creation of a pioneer settlement.  It looks like a normal sort of school trip, until things go wrong and they find themselves in a schoolroom, dressed in period clothes of the 1800s, with a whole load of other kids who can write with quill and ink.  It’s all very disorientating and they fall foul of the very stern schoolmaster.  They quickly make friends, and exchange comments on the differences between their time and this one.  Luckily they find their way back to the future and amaze their teacher with their in-depth knowledge of education in the past!

I loved the pictures, one per reading page, and it was interesting for me to see a well-laid out book for an age group younger than I write for.  Shame the illustrator got the name of the Historical Village wrong, but then again, it would be good to play “spot the mistake” I think!  The characters are engaging, and while it’s suitable for boys and girls, I expect it’s good for boys that aren’t so keen on reading.

I certainly enjoyed it, and am counting it towards my MG & YA Time Travel Reading Challenge!

The Time Travel Storm, by T C Booth.

Book Review: The Time Travel Storm by T C Booth

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