Did I mention I’d entered the Indie Book of the Day Flash Writing Competition last week?  It really was flash – short notice, short entry time, and very short stories!  And a short wait for results!  Well done to all the people involved in setting it up, judging and getting the results out.

And the winners are….

Well, not me, although I did get an Honourable Mention for my poem in the 40 word Adventures of Max Little, Children’s Poem, category!  You can see all the winners here: http://indiebookoftheday.com/ibd-flash-writing-contest-june-2013-results/

This was my poem…

Max Little, Superhero

IBD Flash writing nomineeI once knew a hero,
His name it was Max.
He liked jumping puddles
And stepping on cracks.
He rescued a kitten
He found up a tree,
And brought it safe home
To Mummy and me.

IBD Flash Writing Honourable Nominee!

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