For some reason I forgot to tell you about this.  Then the second review came in, so I thought I’d better catch up.  But I expect you saw the nice medal on the side of the page and guessed!

I submitted the three Princelings trilogy books for review at this professional or at least industry-recognised, site back in May or June.  As you can imagine I was delighted to get a five star review for Princelings of the East.

It reads:

5star-shiny-webThe Princelings of the East is an enchanting tale that will delight boys and be very much enjoyed by girls. This fourth to sixth grade chapter book will keep young readers enthralled for hours on end. You will find well-rounded characters, an interesting plot and many adventures within the pages of this book. I truly enjoyed the tale and loved the telling. It relates a completely new idea in a medieval fantasy setting. The plot will be enjoyed by all the inventors or thinkers in your home. It will be a welcome volume in any home, school, or library shelves.

George and his almost identical twin Fred, live in a castle where they work hard at not being seen. For some years now, the power is being sucked from their castle and they wonder who or what is the cause. George, being the inventor, and his brother, Fred, the thinker, unite their talents to figure the answers to this dilemma.

They have never been beyond the marshes that surround their castle, but they both know they need to go and see if other castles have the same problem. In their travels, they meet some interesting people: princelings and others that will help them discover what is afoot. Meanwhile, they learn much from those they meet.

The Princelings of the East is a medieval fantasy with a touch of time travel that is very well written and easy to understand. It stays on age level and keeps the reader alert for the thought provoking results. What a wonderful tale with a great story. Well done.

Last weekend I got the review for the Princelings and Lost City.  Equally delighted!

5star-shiny-webThe Lost City, Book Three of The Princelings trilogy is a great read for those who love fantasy with young male protagonists. The plot is new, interesting, and will engage your mind in the story. A great work was created by the author with this trilogy. I enjoyed the well-developed characters and their many adventures.

Princess Kira, Fred, and his twin brother George, find a tablet. The tablet talks about a city. Now they want to find the lost city. Fred and Hunston, the prince, go out to find this lost city. When they come to it, they are astonished to see the similarities between the Lost City and Castle Buckmore. That is when the adventure really starts. George is trying to put together a flying machine and recovering from his injuries obtained in the adventures of the previous book. He stutters when he speaks, but his mind is still clear.

In this book, the twins have more mysteries to solve: a copy of Princess Kira has a very important secret mission. Fred is worried about his fiancée Kira, for she is throwing herself into Prince Hunston’s arms, and men aren’t allowed in Arbor.

In all, this is a very nice piece of writing. The trilogy has been completed without leaving any loose ends. I would have to say that this has been an overall enchanting trip into a fantasy realm. It is suitable for readers from pre-teens to adults alike. It is a clean and wholesome series and readers will be happy owning these books. Happy readings.

I think I particularly like the bit about “A great work was created by the author with this trilogy”!  If you go and check the original sites it would be great if you left a comment on them.  Thanks.

The question I hear you asking is “What about Pirates?”  Well, there was a bit of a mix up, but it all got sorted out, and I think the review for Pirates will turn up some time before Christmas.  I hope so anyway.

As a result of private feedback from the reviewer about the first book needing more dialogue I revised it and have put out a second edition.  It’s already out, and if you have it on your kindle, you may receive notification, or it may just download itself when you next synch your kindle or app.  If you got it from Smashwords you’ll have to go and download the new version.  I think it’s worth it.  I hope so at least.  I’ll be writing more about that on my blog tour towards the end of the month.  Watch this space!

Five star reviews from Readers’ Favorite

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