This is a very funny book.  I got it from Smashwords (probably on special offer) some time ago, maybe even three years now, because I read the excerpt and thought “This sounds good”.

It’s pretty much a cosy mystery, although Becca Reynolds is no Miss Marple.  She a ditzy air-head with a great imagination, and true Southern style, and I found her irritating, likeable, and funny in equal measures.  Likeable and funny win, hands down.  Exactly why she takes it on herself to investigate the reason why one of her boss’s clients is sitting in Reception, dead by person or persons unknown, rather than leaving it to the police, is hard to fathom.  Natural rage against injustice?  Resentment that it might cost her her (hard-won, and not yet confirmed) job?  There are plenty of dysfunctional candidates to choose from (not surprisingly since her bosses are psychiatrists), and she works her way through most of them, with added complications through past history and blood-lines. If you think “Don’t do X…” she’ll do it.  She’s brave, and would be fearless, so long as she doesn’t stop long enough to have second thoughts.  Second thoughts don’t usually stop her, though, so it’s not surprising that calamity beckons.

It’s a fun read with plenty of red herrings and barely-linked chains of deduction. It’s well-paced, accessible and light-hearted.  Full marks to Ms Jorgensen.  I suspect Becca will be back, since this is listed as the first in the River City mystery series!

Your Eight O’Clock is Dead by Kat Jorgensen

Book Review | Your Eight O’clock is Dead by Kat Jorgensen
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