Tails of Dystopia is a companion volume to Tails of the Apocalypse, which I enjoyed very much indeed.  This second set of animal-protagonist science fiction/dystopia short stories is as good as the first.  Since some of the stories in the first have been dogging me ever since —every time I say ‘good boy’ to one of my guinea pigs I am reminded of one of them—I look forward to repeating them ad nauseam to other people I think may enjoy them.

Chronicle Worlds is a series of many different types of short science fiction. I received an ARC via one of the contributors, Jennifer Ellis (A Pair of Docks, Reversal), and I tried to hit the release day of November 7th for them.

Chronicle Worlds: Tails of Dystopia

tails of dystopiaseries ed. Samuel Peralta, edited by Chris Pourteau

‘1984’ meets ‘The Incredible Journey’ in thirteen dystopian tales by some of today’s most accomplished writers of science fiction.

In this title in the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ series of speculative fiction anthologies created by award-winning author Samuel Peralta, discover tales of dark futures, tragic pasts, and a present that’s run off the rails are presented in landscapes as varied as their authors’ imaginations.

Set in bestselling worlds fully realized by their authors, these stories unfold as seen through the eyes of animals — tamed and feral, domestic and savage — as they traverse a world of perdition where often their capacity for nobility and self-sacrifice transcends our own.

Enter these worlds with some of the most inventive authors writing today, including USA Today bestselling authors David Adams and Cheri Lasota, Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Daniel Arthur Smith and Ann Christy, and Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award winner Rysa Walker.

Dystopian deserts, post-apocalyptic mountain ranges, the medieval English countryside, the far reaches of the galaxy – in each of these and more, animals and their human companions discover heart-stopping adventure among the ruins – and you will, too. [Amazon]

My Review

Tails of Dystopia is a must for animal lovers who enjoy apocalyptic stories or future worlds. Like its predecessor Tails of The Apocalypse, it features twelve short stories taking the voice of an animal, and placing the reader squarely in their world view of confusing and sometimes terrifying events.

Dogs seem particularly prone to disorientation. Some of the animals cope better: the tiger and the bobcat seem to get a handle on the new world order pretty quickly. A wolf and a horse find communication easier with a boy who has survived a world plague. A monkey learns to disobey his master’s orders, but keep his purpose clear.

One thing I found in this book was less poignancy within the stories than in the previous volume. There is an aim to place the animal characters in the author’s fictional worlds. It’s a good introduction to some seriously good writing. Many of the stories are ideal for reading on a coffee break, and I found that refreshing.
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I recommend this volume (and its predecessor) for science fiction readers and dystopia fanatics, especially if they have, have ever had, or indeed are a companion animal.

And the proceeds go to a charity – Pets for Vets. What a great idea.



Book Review | Chronicle Worlds: Tails of Dystopia

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  • 13 November, 2017 at 4:47 am

    Good review–the two books sound like a good way to get a sense of some of the new SF writers (since I’ve never gotten beyond Asimov and Niven).

    • 13 November, 2017 at 11:35 am

      You’re right. I meant to check out some of the ones on the first version and add them to my list. The same goes for Equus, as most of them could be classed as scifi or fantasy. Then again, my list grows without me doing anything (as Monday’s post shows).

      • 13 November, 2017 at 5:33 pm

        Too true! I think about a more organized approach to what I’m reading, but those thoughts usually get lost as I pick up the next pretty book to catch my eye 🙂

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