Danielle English is a talented artist and illustrator who uses the brand Kanizo Art to promote and sell her work.

You’ve seen her work here, often. If you haven’t noticed it, I have problems. Dani does all my Princelings covers! I’ve also been using some of her many fantasy creatures for a serial on The Story Reading Ape’s excellent website.

Here’s a sample:


Dani’s card and artwork stores

You can find Dani’s work at



and another one I can’t remember!

I’ve bought a number of her prints and original works. Her cards suit all sorts of occasions.

Why not check the sites out for yourself.

want something special?

Dani is currently accepting commissions – pictures, album covers… and she might consider more book covers, but I’m not sure whether Rebecca’s and my author requests aren’t more than enough for her!


Danielle English, Kanizo Art
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  • 6 August, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    She does such fantastic work. I don’t have any walls to put art on just now, but I hadn’t realized she’s doing cards, too. I might have a use for some of those!

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