My thanks go to Bruce Gargoyle once more, for introducing me to this challenge – which is designed to get those already-purchased, sitting-on-the-shelf-and-ereader books READ!

It is organised by My Reader’s Block, an Australian site 🙂 and you can read all the details HERE.

The key is to sign up to a mountain of books you are going to read, and report on your progress quarterly.  The books that count are ones you have in your possession on January 1st 2017 – no additions and ARCs or anything like that afterwards, although I am including library books for long-standing titles on my list.  As usual with these challenges you can upgrade to a higher level if you find you’re doing well, but you can’t downgrade.

I have over 520 on my TBR list, and at least half of those I now own, given the state of my kindle and my physical TBR shelf.  But I got through more than my original target in 2016, so I’ll stretch myself and sign up for more this year: the 36 level – Mt. Vancouver!

Why not sign up to read your own pile – the basic level is 12, or one a month.

My 2017 list

Challenge tally (and date I put them on my TBR):

  1. Climate Change and the Health of Nations by Anthony J McMichael (June-16 ARC)
  2. The Blackhouse by Peter May (July-14)
  3. How to Stage A Catastrophe by Rebecca Connelly (Nov-16 ARC)
  4. Pair Alleles (Derivatives of Displacement #4) by Jennifer Ellis (Sep-16)
  5. The Time Travellers Resort and Museum by David McLain (Dec-16)
  6. Dying Fall (Ruth Galloway #5) by Elly Griffiths (Sep-15)
  7. The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co #2) by Jonathan Stroud (Oct-16)
  8. Gangsta Granny by David Walliams (Dec-16)
  9. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield (Mar-16)
  10. Mercenary Instinct by Ruby Lionsdrake (Dec-15)
  11. The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry (Dec-14)
  12. Oy Yew by Ana Salote (Mar-16)  *** Level 1 complete ***
  13. The Camelot Kids, Book 1 by Ben Zackheim (Jan-16)


If you’d like to sign up for this challenge for 2017, you can do so now!



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