The Dylan & Dougall adventures

Dylan and Dougall inhabit a castle in the far northwest of the Princelings Realms.  Dylan is such a character that he needed his own story.  Not only did I write a Christmas story starring him for the website, it was then published in the first BookElves Anthology.  Then I needed to write one to feature Dougall for the second BookElves book.

These are definitely short chapter books for (middle grade) readers aged 8-12.

Then I worked out how the pair got involved with the main Princelings of the East saga. I’d written a short story for the A to Z Challenge called X Marks the Spot, in which Dylan finds a map.  That ended up as the hinge for the story in Princelings book 8 – rescuing an exiled Prince and restoring him to his rightful inheritance. That is Dylan’s intention, anyway.  A noble mission, in which he stars, because he always does.

Then after that, I wanted to do a fundraiser for the community of the Isle of Ulva, so I wrote the third chapter book.  And that turned out to give me a key plot point in the 9th Princelings book (where Dylan also turns up for a while).

The stories are publicly available, either under their own titles as ebooks Smashwords, iTunes, B&N and Kobo, or in the BookElves Anthologies.

The plan is to create a trilogy in one volume for them, and turn it into a paperback.  The date of that is unknown, since the main focus for the time being is finishing the Princelings series.

Dylans Yuletide Journey_Final02Dylan’s Yuletide Journey

This short chapter  story originally appeared on the website in December 2012.  Dylan and Dougall are to become the Princelings of the North.  Here their home castle is threatened with a cold, hungry yuletide when the ship with their provisions is wrecked.  Dylan is despatched with a message asking for help – and discovers who has stolen their strawberry juice in the process.

It is a prequel to Book 8, although not strictly part of the Princelings saga.

Written for ages 8 and upwards and available FREE on Smashwords.  It was included in the BookElves Anthology Volume 1.

Dylan's Yuletide Journey

DougallReindeer2Dougall’s Reindeer Adventure

This is a short chapter story starring Dougall and Dylan again, written for the BookElves Anthology Volume 2.  Dougall meets a reindeer in the woods, and helps him recover his memory.  It is definitely a Santa fantasy.

BookElves Anthology Volume 2

dylan lights of ulva coverDylan and the Lights of Ulva

Dylan sees some strange lights moving along the shoreline of the island of Ulva, to the south of Castle Haunn.  Despite a warning from his uncle Hamish, Dylan can’t resist temptation.  Curiosity killed the cat, you know, Dylan.

This novella was written as a ‘thank you’ for donating to my fundraiser for the Ulva Buyout campaign, which was successful in buying the island of Ulva for the community.

Buy the ebook at Smashwords

Dylan and the Lights of Ulva

The Dylan and Dougall Adventures

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