Suitable for children age 10 to 110, The Princelings of the East is a trilogy that turned into a series, relating the adventures of unlikely heroes Fred and George. Two innocents abroad, they solve problems caused by unintended consequences, commercial greed, and blind prejudice—and still find time to engage in troubled love affairs and nearly blow themselves up with their own inventions.

BK1Purple webBook 1 – The Princelings of the East

The Princelings of the East is an adventure set in a world of labyrinthine castles, bustling inns, and the curious Isle of Hattan. Fred and George leave the security of their isolated castle to solve the problem of the Great Energy Drain, meeting the dubious businessman Hugo, the young barkeep Victor, the impressive Prince of Buckmore, and other movers and shakers.  Time is of the essence in this tale, and competition between castles drives the action.

Read and comment on the first three chapters…. Click here.

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The Princelings of the East

BK2 copyBook 2 – The Princelings and the Pirates

The opening of The Princelings and the Pirates finds Fred and George ensconced in Castle Buckmore. When the Prince announces his unhappiness with the wine, they set off to discover what has gone wrong at the winery. Captured by pirates, shipwrecked, and in danger for their very lives, the heroes are drawn into the Battle of Dimerie, where Fred meets his true love and George gets more than he bargained for.

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The Princelings and the Pirates (Princelings of the East, #2)

BK3 webBook 3 – The Princelings and the Lost City

In The Princelings and the Lost City, Fred has made a commitment to his true love, Kira, but must win her father’s approval.  George, meanwhile, is near to fulfilling his destiny, but gets sidetracked by the arrival of a new flying machine.  A simple journey to introduce Kira to their home castle turns into a case of kidnap, mistaken identity, heartache, and the discovery of a totalitarian society hidden in the forest.

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The Princelings and the Lost City (Princelings of the East, #3)

The Trilogy is complete – the Series goes on!

Read more tales of the Princelings world.  Find out how Hugo (Lord Mariusz) found the time tunnel in the first place, how Humphrey fared after he left Arbor, and what Victor did when he became a sought-after business guru!  Some of these are more suitable for slightly older children.

BK4_final for webBook 4 – The Traveler in Black and White

In the fourth book in the Princelings series, Lord Mariusz of Hattan narrates, in his own Chandler-esque style, how he came to explore the world on the end of the time tunnel, and why he adopted the pseudonym Hugo in the first place. In the Princelings world of 2001 we meet old friends as their much younger selves.  You think Victor is cute?  You should see him eight years younger – “a bundle of flying legs and hair”!  Prince Lupin is much as he ever is, but Baden has yet to escape the succession wars at Castle Powell.  Saku is, of course, well established as Lord Mariusz’s ingenious professor at Castle Hattan, but we find he knows more about the workings of time than we imagined.  The Honourable Smallweed is only getting started on the trail of deceit and meanness that will characterise all his future dealings.  And we journey to new places, Sowerby, Powell, and a strange city full of females, hidden in a forest. We also discover that stories of ghouls, ghosts, vampires and werewolves are not just tales to frighten children after all.

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The Traveler in Black and White (Princelings, #4)

BK5 for webBook 5 – The Talent Seekers

In the fifth book in the Princelings series, we find the young outcast from the Lost City of Arbor travelling west as his mother suggested.  He is rounded up amongst other exiles, but escapes, and finds himself among people that could be his friends, something he has never had before.  But they are under threat, and Humphrey’s adventures twist and turn as he is called to his destiny by an unknown force, one that calls to his special hearing skills.  He meets other talented individuals and learns to be a team, to work with others for the common good.

It’s a tale of greed, of fighting, of cruelty and of a darker place than the ones we’ve met so far in the Princelings world.  Heroes and heroines emerge from the unlikeliest of places to find laughter and friendship and a place where they belong.

The Talent Seekers is a fantasy adventure story with paranormal influences and some pitched battles. It is set in the months between the Prologue and the Epilogue of the Princelings and the Lost City, but with otherwise little connection to the previous stories in the series.  It’s suitable for readers aged 13 and upwards.

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The Talent Seekers (Princelings, #5)

BK6_for webBook 6 – Bravo Victor

It’s now 2015.  Victor has grown up, but in spite of his ambitions to be a business guru, he’s still running the Inn of the Seventh Happiness in his spare time.  Fate takes a hand when he visits King Fred of Castle Marsh and is whisked off on a mission to help Sundance and his beautiful accomplice unmask a criminal, and investigate why George has not returned home after his visit to a flying festival. He narrates the particulars of his travels in the Rhinelands, and his quandary when he meets an old friend from a different timeline… Bravo Victor contains a handy chronology of key events in the series to date, as well as a cast of characters.  It’s suitable for budding inventors, politicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, smugglers and barkeepers!  Age 12 and up. Buy Bravo Victor

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Bravo Victor (The Princelings of the East, #6)

Book 7 – Willoughby the Narrator

Just where did Willoughby, one of Humphrey’s friends in the Talent Seekers, learn his ninja skills?  How did he come to be a Narrator?  And what happened after he fell from the high tower at Castle Deeping?  Discover Willoughby’s origins, his big secret, and follow his adventurers as he travels around the Realms, telling stories and acting as an undercover agent for the rich and powerful!

Lovers of the series will enjoy this latest adventure, but newcomers may find it easier to start with book 1 or book 5.  It’s a mystery adventure in a world not quite like ours, suitable for age 10 and upwards.

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Willoughby the Narrator (The Princelings of the East, #7)

Princelings of the NorthBook 8 – The Princelings of the North

Now available to pre-order, book launch 30 January 2018

Dylan and Dougall are princelings at Castle Haunn, a remote place to the far northwest of an island off the coast of Scotland.  So when they discover a prince locked in a tower, their thoughts turn to rescue and returning him to his rightful place in the Realms.  But nothing is ever that easy, and what starts as a simple mission turns into a nightmare that rocks the foundations of the Realms.

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The Princelings of the North (The Princelings of the East, #8)

Book 9 – The Chronicles of Marsh

This anthology of adventures that complete the history of the Realms up to the start of Book 10, will be published in late 2018/early 2019.  It is likely to include stories published on the website or Jemima’s blog, including Fred’s Yuletide Adventure.

Book 10 – Princelings Revolution

The final book in the series, expected 2020 or 2021.


Princelings Spin-offs – The Dylan & Dougall adventues

Dylans Yuletide Journey_Final02Dylan’s Yuletide Journey

This short chapter  story originally appeared on the website in December 2012.  Dylan and Dougall are to become the Princelings of the North.  Here their home castle is threatened with a cold, hungry yuletide when the ship with their provisions is wrecked.  Dylan is despatched with a message asking for help – and discovers who has stolen their strawberry juice in the process.

It is a prequel to Book 8, although not strictly part of the Princelings saga.

Written for ages 8 and upwards and available FREE on Smashwords.  It was included in the BookElves Anthology Volume 1.

Dylan's Yuletide Journey

DougallReindeer2Dougall’s Reindeer Adventure

This is a short chapter story starring Dougall and Dylan again, written for the BookElves Anthology Volume 2.  Dougall meets a reindeer in the woods, and helps him recover his memory.  It is definitely a Santa fantasy.

BookElves Anthology Volume 2

dylan lights of ulva coverDylan and the Lights of Ulva

Dylan sees some strange lights moving along the shoreline of the island of Ulva, to the south of Castle Haunn.  Despite a warning from his uncle Hamish, Dylan can’t resist temptation.  Curiosity killed the cat, you know, Dylan.

This novella was written as a ‘thank you’ for donating to my fundraiser for the Ulva Buyout campaign.  For details, see my JustGiving page.

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