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Viridian System Series

A three-book science fiction series, starring Big Pete and the Swede. More correctly known as Pete Garcia and Lars Nilsson, they are asteroid miners in the far reaches of the galaxy.  The asteroid belt of the Viridian System is rich in orichalcum, a rare, very useful, and therefore extremely precious metal, which everyone wants.  The Imperium, a dominating oligarchy which masquerades as a benevolent democratic institution, wants it badly.  And after years of being happy just to trade it and leave others to do the dirty work, it wants to control it, like it does other useful things.

Planets that produce grain abundantly?  Take them over. Planets with the raw materials for plasglas? Turn them into manufactories.

The only organisation that seems to have any hope of opposing the Imperium is the Federation, and they aren’t strong enough to be everywhere at once. Besides, they have their own type of nasty dictator. The inhabitants of the two inhabited planets in the Viridian System have generally managed to escape from both.

Pete Garcia – not his real name – short, squat and very strong.  It comes of growing up on a heavy gravity planet.  Corsair was taken as a grain planet by the Imperium, Pete was smuggled out, along with many other young people. Ingrained in them was the legend of the Perihelix; their role, to live their life as best they could until they got the call to aid Corsair in its time of need.  Sleepers, hundreds of them, just like Pete. And one of them would be destined to wield the Perihelix.

Lars Nilsson – not his real name, but then his father uses a different name these days too.  Lars just wants to be as far away from him as possible, living a free life, unfettered by the Imperium. They put his mother in chains, after all. But… it would be nice to be important, to be recognised. And even more, to be clean from the dust that gets everywhere, even under an asteroid miner’s skin.

Out in the Viridian System nobody much cares how many names you call yourself by.  Just live and let live. Or die if you must. Nobody cares. Or do they?

Why is everyone taking an interest in a system so far away all of a sudden?  It’s not just the orichalcum-rich asteroid belt. Is it?

Also starring

Dolores – it’s a classic tale in space – pirates can steal and sell as many girls as they like with no comeback. Once in Zito’s hands she makes herself invaluable and lands a plum job with the asteroid miners who just really want a good cook and a lot of cuddles and company in their downtime. Of course it’s not all fun and games, especially after she gets a chance to learn how to fly a spaceship…

Maggie – all Maggie ever wanted was to have her own cafe or restaurant on her home planet before she settled with a nice guy. She’s a born home-maker, and a frustrated mother-never-to-be. Not than many people manage to have kids after travelling in lightly-shielded slave cargo haulers.  So she’ll put up with a lot to be able to look after a couple of decent spacers and have her cooking appreciated. If only she didn’t have to go back to real work when they go back to the asteroids…

Aramintha – having your planet over-run by the Imperium while your father is negotiating peace with the Federation did not faze a twelve-year old princess, in fact nothing does, not after suffering the indignities of the slave market. But Zito always realised there was more to her than she let on. An attitude that helps her get her own way. The sort that a certain type of man sees as a challenge. But then, occasionally one of them might be worth relaxing with. Even if it is called work.

Zito – he’s been on Pleasant Valley with his bar, his gambling joints, his whorehouse, sorry, escort agency, so long that he’s practically the mayor of the town – if they did anything so stupid as to have a mayor. There are no laws on Pleasant Valley except pay up and drink up. Oh, and keep the Imperium and Federation out of it. But if you want anything, Zito can get it for you.  As long as there’s something in it for him, of course.

Kaa Birith – the Viridian System means nothing to Birith.  He has loftier ambitions–nearly achieved, now that he’s in the inner sanctum of the Imperium Senate. Can he pick up a few more plum acquisitions to feather his nest? And what about some soft bodies to feather his nest and discard when he’s done? It’s a very comfortable life, as long as the Federation doesn’t do anything stupid to upset it.

Also in the cast of The Viridian System series

bankers, space dross, asteroid miners, Federation agents, Imperium agents, nice people from the Scania system of planets, several important non-human characters, some of whom are very alien indeed, although everyone is designated sentient in some form or other…

Who’s it for?

Adults who enjoy a mix of space opera, space politics, espionage, legends, hard and social science. A story with a good plot and some twists and alleyways. Sex acts both implied and descriptive (book 2). Strong characters; alien life-forms who are not necessarily baddies.

Details of the books

Series website with more details, backstory, news…

The Viridian System Series – science fiction

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