These are lists of sub-genres.  You can check out what they imply, or need to include, by using a very useful guide in wikipedia.

Roll your dice twice to mash-up two sub-genres from this list:

  1. Kaiju
  2. Cli-Fi (Climate Change Fiction)
  3. Southern Gothic
  4. Zombie
  5. Weird West
  6. Mythology
  7. Body Horror
  8. Grimdark Fantasy
  9. Whodunit?
  10. Military Sci-Fi
  11. Comic Fantasy
  12. Technothriller
  13. Superhero
  14. Something -punk (e.g. Steampunk or make up your own)
  15. Heist / Caper
  16. Magical Realism
  17. Parallel Universe
  18. Noir
  19. Time Travel
  20. Alien Horror



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