SpaceTime spacetimereadsI said I wanted to do a science fiction reading challenge, and I finally found one that let me choose my own books.

I had to invent it, though!

The SpaceTime Reading Challenge #spacetimereads

  • You can read any book that is from the science fiction/time-travel genres. Any sub-genres are welcome as long as they incorporate one of these genres.  Non-fiction is not included in this challenge.
  • You don’t need a blog to participate but you do need a place to post your reviews (even one-liners) to link up. (blog, Goodreads, booklikes, shelfari, etc.)
  • Make a goal post and link it back here with your goal for this challenge.
  • Books need to be novellas or novels, no short stories,  although anthologies count if they meet the page guideline. (At least 100 pages +)
  • NEW RULE: You may count books that you do not want to finish if you have read at least 25%, or 100 pages, whichever is MORE. If you have read enough to give a fair mini-review that’s fine.
  • Crossovers into other challenges are fine.
  • The Challenge will  be from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st.  Sign-up closes 30th November 2019.

You can find the sign-up for this challenge in my blog post here.  There will be quarterly link-up posts – at the end of March, June, September and December.

Many thanks to the Reading Challenge Addict for assistance in spreading the word!

My SpaceTime Reading Goals for 2019

There are 4 levels at the moment:

  • 5 books: Planet hopper
  • 10 books: Interstellar explorer
  • 20 books: Galactic navigator
  • 40 books: To Infinity and Beyond

I’m going for Interstellar Explorer, with a goal of 10 books. I can go for more if I reach that, but like Mount TBR, you can’t go back.

So… let’s get reading!

Books read

  1. Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky (DNF at p214, 36%)
  2. Sapo Saga by Tony Laplume (Jan-19)
  3. Dining Out with the Gas Giants by Clare O’Beara (Feb-19)
  4. Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds (Mar-19)
  5. Sassinak by Anne McCaffrey (Apr-19)
  6. Galileo’s Theme Park ed. by Juliana Rew (May-19)
  7. Cosmic Colin: Hairy Hamster Horror by Tim Collins (Jun-19)
  8. The Unwinding: Gin’s Story by Juliana Rew (Jul-19)
  9. Castles in Spain: 25 Years of Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction ed. by Mariano Villareal (Jul-19)



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