I wanted to do a science fiction reading challenge, and I finally found one that let me choose my own books.

I had to invent it, though!

SpaceTime spacetimereads

The SpaceTime Reading Challenge #spacetimereads

  • You can read any book that is from the science fiction/time-travel genres. Any sub-genres are welcome as long as they incorporate one of these genres.  Non-fiction is not included in this challenge.
  • You don’t need a blog to participate but you do need a place to post your reviews (even one-liners) to link up. (blog, Goodreads, booklikes, shelfari, etc.)
  • Make a goal post and link it back here with your goal for this challenge.
  • Books need to be novellas or novels, although anthologies count if they meet the page guideline. (At least 100 pages +)
  • You may count books that you do not want to finish if you have read at least 25%, or 100 pages, whichever is MORE. If you have read enough to give a fair mini-review that’s fine.
  • Crossovers into other challenges are fine.
  • The Challenge runs from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st.

The Targets

There are 4 levels to aim for (or achieve):

  • 5 books: Planet hopper
  • 10 books: Interstellar explorer
  • 20 books: Galactic navigator
  • 40 books: To Infinity and Beyond

You can find the sign-up for this challenge in my blog post here.  There will be quarterly link-up posts – at the end of March, June, September and December.

Many thanks to the many reading challenge lists for assistance in spreading the word!

My SpaceTime Reading Goals for 2024

I’m going for Interstellar Explorer again, with a goal of 10 books. I can go for more if I reach that, but like Mount TBR, you can’t go back.

I have lots on my TBR, and several series to catch up on, but I’m finding space opera a bit samey at the moment, with more interest in other scifi. March progress was way behind schedule, but I seem to have spent most of May reading scifi or time travel!

Books read:

  1. Queen of Chaos (Sequoyah #3) by Sabrina Chase (tbr Aug-20, read Feb-24)
  2. Knight Moves by Walter Jon Williams (tbr Apr-15, read Apr-24)
  3. The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley (tbr Jan-24, read May-24)
  4. Rules of Conflict (Jani Kilian #2) by Kristine Smith (tbr Mar-19, read May-24)
  5. Law of Survival (Jani Kilian #3) by Kristine Smith (tbr Mar-19, read May-24)
  6. Archipelago by H R Hawkins (tbr Apr-24, DNF at 44%, May-24)
  7. The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel (Ptolemy Lane #1) by Cameron Cooper (tbr & read May-24)
  8. Ghost Pirate Gambit (Nanshe Chronicles #1) by Jessie Kwak (tbr & read May-24)
  9. Contact Imminent (Jani Kilian #4) by Kristine Smith (tbr Nov-22, read Jun-24)
  10. Lucanus: Prodigal Son (The Unwinding #3) by Juliana Rew (tbr Jan-23, read Jun-24)
  11. Paris Adrift by EJ Swift (tbr Apr-20, read Jul-24)

Participants for 2024

You can sign up on the blog post from 30th November, or just add your name here.

The 2023 list is closed….


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