Just a little tidying up for the last day of February.  It’s a lovely spring day after weeks of dreariness and freezing temperatures, or at least it seems that way.  Hopefully spring is on its way.  The Traveler in Black and White is now available on Smashwords for all types of eReader.  It should be shipped today or tomorrow to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Indigo, Sony and all other Nook and Kobo online retailers.  I’ll post links when it is live on their sites.

Traveler didn’t have as successful a time on Amazon as Lost City did, but I haven’t fully analysed it yet.  Judging from other comments, the expected sales rush around Christmas didn’t happen – at least not for independent ebooks, and possibly for other books as well.  Another factor is that Traveler is not quite an MG read, so difficult to place, and it also features Mariusz proudly on the front cover – which makes it explicitly about a guinea pig, so may put off the person who downloads every freebie regardless!  In which case, fewer downloads may be better.  They may be readers rather than collectors.  Let’s hope so.  I confess I love Hugo/Mariusz’s story.  It is very dear to my heart.  But then the others are just as dear!

I’m very grateful to Julie Grasso for featuring her review of the Princelings of the East on her Kid Lit Blog Hop page, and also for running a giveaway.  Congratulations to Rebecca and Steve, who have already received their prizes.  I hope you enjoy them.

The next book, The Talent Seekers, will now be out in May.  I think I’m trying to do too much at present, and the book deserves my full attention.  It still needs a cover (I’m having trouble choosing) and my chapter illustrations (24 chapters instead of the usual 16!) and the latest draft is with my wonderful editor for a tidy up, but she’s busy too.  May is a good month for a launch – that’s when I did Lost City if I remember rightly.

Challenge up-date

I read two books for the Pre-1960 Childrens Classic Reading Challenge:

and also Julie Grasso’s Escape from the Forbidden Planet to bring my Goodreads books read to 8 out of 30.

I finished The Time Machine but that will feature in the March Challenge list.

And of course, April is the A to Z Blog Challenge!  If you haven’t signed up yet, why not?

February tidy-up & Challenge summary

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