fi50‘My Family is So Weird’ is the prompt for today’s Fiction in Fifty Words Fi50.

I found this more difficult that a single or double-word prompt, maybe because it was a complete sentence.  Nevertheless there were plenty of ways to interpret it.  I just wasn’t sure how much of a story I could make of it.

Writing Fi50

I find the process of doing these ultra-short fictions interesting.  I have to get an idea for a story, just as I do for a 1000 word one.  That’s the point; there has to be character and plot, or it isn’t a story.  Then the question is how to be as suggestive as possible in the limited number of words.  You have to rely on the reader doing all the work to pick up your suggestions and run with them.

I ‘m not sure I’ve got much of a plot in this one.

My Family is so Weird

I watched her through the keyhole, brushing her hair, tweezing her eyebrows, smoothing algal essence over her breasts. I knew she watched me in return, through the gap in the shower curtain, since I saw the turquoise jewel of her eye blinking.  But then, merpeople have very little to hide.

© J M Pett 2018

How to join Fi50

Just nip over to Rebecca Douglass at the Ninja Librarian to read the rules and get the prompts.  That reminds me she wanted to take some time out next year.  I’d better rootle out some prompts for her. 🙂

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  • 21 November, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    I love, and the commentary on writing the 50-word story. I’m going to add a link to this on my post, which will go up on Saturday.

    • 29 November, 2018 at 9:10 am

      Yes… something that sparks something in us 🙂

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