I’ve stolen GargoyleBruce’s idea for this, because I loved it so much.  Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Books that I wished had a sequel

I was trying to concentrate on books for the young (or young at heart), but quickly ran out of ideas that hadn’t already been done.  I went through a lot of other books I’ve read, and found these that I believe could have done with a follow-up title.

1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It’s a delightful book, and even I never stop enjoying the fun my young relatives get from my reading it to them!  If only there was a sequel:

How the Very Hungry Caterpillar Got Squished for Eating My Cabbages

2  The Wind in the Willows

There are a few sequels around, like the Willows in Winter, which I’m sure I’ve read.  I think a far more useful book would be

Moley’s Handy Household Hints for Effortless Spring Cleaning

3 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Philip K Dick has a wonderful imagination and a great way with titles.  Pure scifi at its best.  I don’t think he got around to this one, though it might be a bit obscure:

The Unrequited Love of the NanoRobot for the Red Corpuscle

4 Space

This great epic from James A Michener (whose work I generally love) is really missing out on not having a sequel, or maybe I’m too predictable:

The Final Frontier

5 I, Claudius

With apologies for getting political (and definitely abandoning kidlit), it’s probably about time someone wrote:

I, Berlusconi

6 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I know he also went for The Winter’s Tale, but couldn’t Shakespeare have written this one as well:

Nightmare on Christmas Day

7 The Return of the King

There’s not much that Tolkien didn’t write about Middle-Earth, but I think he could have given Eomer something big to do like:

The Restoration of Orthanc

8 Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Part of its charm (apart from the music by Neil Diamond) was its originality.  But I think a good genre mash-up could follow:

Emperor Maximus Penguin

9 Winnie the Pooh

Back to children’s literature for some final suggestions for new classics

Wol’s Woodland Wonderland

10 Through the Looking-Glass

Maybe something a little more in keeping with the adventures of modern Alices:

How txting kpt A 🙂 + ntwrked bt wth no tme 4 redng

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Top Ten Speculative Sequels
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