George’s Guinea Pig World.  You may never have heard of it.

My guinea pig George, brother of Fred, my first two pets, became a star of the Rodents With Attitude Forum, taking up the role of Forum Mechanic.  I’m not sure whether this inspired him to start blogging, or vice versa. What I do know is that he started blogging before Jemima the author did, as his blog predates my search for a publisher.  I think this blog started (as a free blog) about eighteen months later. I did have a more general one before he did, though.

George's Guinea Pig World with balloons

Celebrate with George and his friends

While the current boys are blogging from A to Z on Mondays (they reached F this week), we have put together a special post to celebrate their ten years, with pictures of all the pigs involved, and mentions for some of our special friends.

We’d be delighted if you came and said hello, and entered the giveaway.  Comment on any of the boys’ blog posts before 13 June to gain an entry (or tweet or visit the Facebook page).  Pet entries also welcome!


George’s Guinea Pig World blog is ten years old
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