Serpent of the Isle is book 4 in the Kiwi series. I started out to read book 3 Kiwi and the Living Nightmare. Only when I’d finished, and thought the blurb sounded nothing like what I’d read, I investigated further. The book 3 file on Smashwords was wrong – it was the Serpent of the Isle (and under that title, the book file is correct.) I have tried to contact the author to tell her. I hope to read book 3 sometime …. since I bought it on Smashwords as well as Serpent!

Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle (Kiwi #4)

by Vickie Johnstone

In book four of the Kiwi Series, the wedding of Inspector Furrball and Madame Purrfect approaches. But, catastrophe, the ring is stolen from the Gem Shop! A pawprint identifies Fyre Cracker as the thief, but he lives in the dark world of the UnderPaw beneath Cat City, which is inhabited by crimicats. It’s up to the Kiwi Klub to find the ring. In the human world, the hamsters decide to stand up for their rights to better plastic wheels and an abundance of sunflower seeds. 

Meanwhile, the dastardly Dev shocks Kiwi with the news that he knows a big secret about her family – that her father, Delphinius, may still be alive! The key is The Sculptor, who will lead Kiwi and friends on their biggest adventure yet – to the strange Isle of the Serpent where they will come face to face with their most dangerous adversary so far.

Furry fun for ages 9-99. [goodreads]

My Review

While I was reading the book I thought was book 3, I was disappointed with it. Once I realised that I had actually read Book 4, I bumped up the stars as it all made much better sense!

The Serpent of the Isle starts in Catcity with Kiwi and her friends searching for a missing ring. Ms Johnstone gives full rein to her puns on cat things, as you are used to from the first two books. Some of her underworld dealings — with the lead singer of the group Hiss, for example — are just fantastic. For an adult all the cat-related gadgets can get a bit tiring, but I imagine the younger age group love it. I’d say from 7 upwards to be read to, and some eight-year olds will be fine to read it themselves.

This book seems to have two halves. I was less fond of the goings-on under Catcity than when they left to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a main character. The Cat Underworld is clever and entertaining, but the fantasy world underwater–but not–is brilliant, along with all its denizens. How useful it is that everyone can speak Cat. The battle with the serpent is also first class. Great imagery, great story telling. I think it would go well read aloud. The illustrations are first class, too (much better than mine!)

Magic and animals and a bit of danger and heroism — what’s not to like?

Book Review | Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle
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  • 20 March, 2024 at 2:50 pm

    Intriguing, but maybe not too high on my list. Of course middle grade in general has fallen down my list quite a lot, so that doesn’t mean much.


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