Tuesday haiku – AtoZ Theme Reveal

18 February, 2014 - Challenge / Haiku

Have you got a theme

For the April A to Z?

Reveal it with us!


The ‪#‎A2ZReveal‬ is a great opportunity for everyone to get a jump start on your ‪#‎atozchallenge‬ ‪#‎blogging‬ experience.   You can link up with fellow ‪#‎bloggers‬, scout out and bookmark themes that you are interested in, and set out delicious themed bait on your ‪#‎blog‬ to lure in wandering participants!  This way, by the time the frenzied posting begins on April 1st, you will already have an audience eagerly awaiting your posts.

If you have an #atozchallenge theme, this ‪#‎blogfest‬ is for you!

Last year, A to Z participant Mina Lobo started the Theme Reveal Blogfest, and it was a tremendous success. We decided that it should be repeated this year, so that it will become an unofficial tradition of revealing A to Z themes in a festive manner.

I am pleased to announced that we are hosting a Theme Reveal for the 2014 A to Z challenge! It’s been put together by the fabulous members of #TeamDamyanti, Czenge, Guilie, Vidya, Samantha (who made us our lovely badge!), and Anna,  supported by Mary and me.

The way it works:

Sign up on the Linky list below, and publish a post on the 21st of March talking about your A to Z Theme, telling us what your theme will be, and why it would be interesting for your existing readers and A to Z Participants.

Sign up below, ready your theme, and mark March 21st on your calendars! This is a Blog Hop!



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  1. My theme is out there
    Maybe no one noticed
    I am excited

  2. Planning wonderful
    Posts on a theme I’ll reveal
    Again with fanfare!

  3. Damyanti says:

    Thanks for all your support, Jemima! I’m thrilled the list has grown beyond a 100. I wish we can reach all those with a theme this AZ and have a grand celebration on March 21st!

  4. Vidya Sury says:

    Yay! Jemima! Love the haiku! (Now why didn’t I think of that?). 😀 Looking forward to a fun Theme Reveal blogfest!


    A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal BlogFest – Sign Up Now #atozchallenge #atozreveal

  5. Love the post, Jemima! And the haiku–so simple, so elegant. Brava!

    Guilie @ A Hop Within A Hop: The A-Z Theme Reveal!

  6. Stephen Tremp says:

    I have my theme and will announce during the bloghop. I’m busy pre-posting. This really helps. Keep them to 100 words or less if possible.

    • Jemima Pett says:

      I confess if I find the blogpost is less than 100 words I feel it wasnt worth waiting for it to load! Something up to 400 maybe?

      I make exceptions for haikus with nice pictures, though 🙂

  7. […] with hundreds of others – make friends, have fun, and attract visitors to your blog.  See the theme link-up list […]

  8. Linda Bolton says:

    This isn’t my first blog hop, but it’s my first A-Z…I’m really looking forward to it!

  9. […] do so here – and if you have signed up and have finally thought of a theme, sign up for our theme reveal blogfest when we all check out each other’s […]

  10. Hi Jemma,
    Please just guide me where do i sign up for the theme reveal, I have signed for the blog hop; no 108.
    Thanks a ton.

    • Jemima Pett says:

      You’re fine, Inderpreet – this bloghop is for the Theme Reveal. Now just post your reveal on 21st March and hop round all the other posts.

      You can also get the linky code to add to your reveal post – click at the end of the list where it says “get the code here”

  11. Rhi says:

    Looking forward to checking out everyone’s themes! Woo-hoo.

  12. I’m ready for the Marchf 21st Theme Reveal. Excited about seeing what everyone has come up with this year.

  13. […] will be revealed during the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal on the 21st of […]

  14. Julia says:

    I am not doing a theme reveal because I think my blog pretty much illustrates that the theme is about photography from my perspective, and how my photographs inspire my artwork. The idea of doing a theme reveal is exciting, though.

  15. […] sure to come back on Friday for the great A to Z theme reveal and find out what exciting topic I will be blogging about in April.  If you haven’t signed […]

  16. Looking forward to this.

  17. […] To see other A-Z challenge themes click on this linky. […]

  18. […] prospective A to Z challenge participants are invited to reveal their themes.  A theme for A to Z is not essential, but it may help keep bloggers focussed for 26 […]

  19. […] While a theme is not a requirement, it can make blogging a lot more interesting. In this post, I shall reveal to you, my dear reader, what this year’s theme will be for this blog. A lot of blogs are participating in the A to Z challenge and are revealing their themes today, in a the A to Z Theme Reveal Blogfest. […]

  20. […] This is so much fun. Looking forward to April 1st. You can find the list of Theme Reveal participants here. […]

  21. […] and scheduled a post for the day before this challenge starts, I wanted to take part in the big theme reveal blog-hop that is going on as we speak. For those who are reading this and have no idea what I’m […]

  22. Tracey Tobin says:

    Last minute addition! I didn’t realize that the theme reveal happened on a particular day. lol Hopefully a couple of people will wander by here at the last moment and see my reveal! 🙂

  23. Hi! My theme is music.
    thanks! jean

  24. SittieCates says:

    Oops! I didn’t see this. So sorry I’m late. I just posted the topic I’d be blogging about for the Challenge.

    Latest Blog Post: #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal & an April Skip for #IWSG


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