clean sweep square badgeThe Clean Sweep ARC Challenge runs throughout May and it’s one I look forward to each year.  I should have posted Monday, but was too wrapped up in my own problems.  Now I’ve got an excuse to post on May 4th, which as we all know is Star Wars day.

Clean Sweep Challenge

This is run by Kimberley, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, and you’ve got plenty of time left to sign up.

The idea is to get out all the ARCs, Net-Galley copies, freebies for Read and Review, and all the other books that were new when you first got them, and you promised feedback and/or reviews.

I know that some of these on my list are still in time for their Net-Galley launch schedules.  Others I’ve had as Read 4 Review from the Great Middle Grade Reads group on Goodreads.  Others may have come from other places, like Noirwich.  I didn’t really do much reading in April (see Monday’s post), so I could do with a catch up.

I’ve written about reading challenges on the Story Reading Ape’s blog, and some people pointed out that they had no need of reading challenges, for various reasons.  That’s great. For me, I’ve come out of the A to Z wondering what to read next.  There are plenty on my list, and doing the Clean Sweep Challenge puts the spotlight on my ARCs, and links me up with other readers doing the same thing.  I like the company.  Kimberley offers some fun extras, as well, including a Twitter Party, a Read-a-thon and a participant Giveaway!

Target Books

I don’t expect to read all of these this month, but I thought I’d list them to help me sort my mind out.

  • The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co #4) Jonathan Stroud (read 15-May)
    • I had to take a pause while reading this to make sure I read it in daylight – the first part in particular is horror rather than paranormal/suspense, even for older MGs.  Having got through that, it returned to this series’ customary excellence.
  • Did you See Melody Sophie Hannah (read 19-May)
    • Tense psychological thriller featuring child abduction, but with plenty of Sophie Hannah’s wonderful twists!
  • Blood Sister Dreda Say Mitchell
  • Abducted Life Patricia Josephine (read 2-May)
    • Deeply touching story involving alien abduction and memories. Highly recommended. (See review)
  • My Sister’s Bones Nuala Ellwood
  • Escape from B Movie Hell M T McGuire
  • Follow Me Angela Clarke
  • The Body in the Snow Christoph Fischer
  • Death By Pumpkin N A Granger (read 12-May)
    • Third in the Death by… (Rhe Brewster) series. Maybe I should have read it closer to the second in the series, but it leaned heavily on previous events, and was not so much a cosy mystery as a serial suspense.
  • Death by Adverb Rebecca Douglass (proof copy) (read 5-May)
    • Very enjoyable third in the Death by… (JJ McGrath) series.  It was really a beta copy, so not eligible for the Clean Sweep, but I got it done anyway.
  • This is How you Lose Her Juno Diaz
  • Prayers for the Stolen Jennifer Clement
  • The Ugly Teapot Fred Holmes
    • Lots of this book is very good. Some parts I didn’t like, and it’s always difficult to know whether that’s just personal preference or something not quite right with the story. I’ve not tagged it MG because I think Chapter 20 is too violent.
  • Silence Endo Shusaku
  • Fire & Sword Louise Turner

Fifteen books in one month would only happen if I did nothing else, and I have lots of days already fully booked.  But this only includes R4R books I remember being offers, and there must be loads that I got without noting them in my Goodreads list. It’s amazing how they mount up.

Half of these books are paperbacks, which means I have to sit in a good light for them.  So they may be weather-dependent!


I’ll come back during the month and give you one-liners about them as I complete them.  So watch this list.


Clean Sweep ARC Challenge – may the fourth be with me #cleansweepARC

6 thoughts on “Clean Sweep ARC Challenge – may the fourth be with me #cleansweepARC

  • 4 May, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    I was going to say that I have only taken ARCs with a specific date for review, and kept up. Then I remembered that I have a number of books on my Nook or Kindle that I downloaded as freebies from Goodreads connections. Not all of those will get reviews, but they deserve at least a look.

    And I have one GR giveaway winner I won’t finish, because I really didn’t like it. I feel guilty, but if I did finish I couldn’t write a nice review, so better not to.

    • 4 May, 2017 at 8:22 pm

      One of those is a GR Giveaway that has been on this list before… I did get as far as the first chapter, then went on to something else. Maybe I’ll be more in the mood this time.

    • 5 May, 2017 at 7:36 pm

      Yes, they’re all okay, thanks, Noelle. Kevin is poorly, but taking his meds and eating little and often like the old man that he is. I gave him a talking to the other day, since to set a new record for either age or longevity in this household (time since joining me) he has to do another four months to beat Colman (age), or six months to beat Victor (time with me).

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