Lost City finished its final free days during its Amazon exclusive period early this morning.  Thank you to everyone who shared, tweeted, gifted or just downloaded it!  Particular thanks to all the free book sites that included it over the last few months: the Independent Author Network, Pixel of Ink, Freebooksy, WLC Free Book forum, All Things Kindle, Kindleboards, Free Kindle Books, Goodreads, Free Ebooks Daily, Kindlemojo.  These sites and your efforts are, I think, what made it so much more successful than Pirates.  Thank you so much!

There are more reasons – people who got Pirates also getting Lost City plus new people finding us, for a start.  The number of websites, blogsites and Facebook pages featuring Lost City was far more than Pirates.  I’ve branched out a little with my on-line presence.

It’s all the  learning curve, really.  I believe Lost City is the best book of the trilogy, but that may be because I am more familiar with the characters, they have become friends and the world of the Princelings has become more filled out.  I am happy with the first and second books, but I am really happy with Lost City!

The readership is getting more international too.  We now have about 20 readers in Germany,  nearly a dozen in France, and some in Spain too.  Amazon.com readers could be anywhere, including India.  It was mentioned that some of these downloads could be from ex-pats living in those countries, but the German site forum clearly has threads from German native speakers looking for good reading in English.  I thought it was interesting that as soon as I put my author page on the French site I got sales there.  Maybe putting it on the German site immediately after the previous free promotion encouraged more readers this time.  I hope you find Princelings enjoyable.  There are very few ‘invented’ words, which is something that does put up a barrier to reading in another language.  I’ve started strayng into another blog topic, so I’ll save that discussion for another day.

Wherever you are in our world, I hope you enjoy Fred & George’s world – the Realms as they call it.  There is a map of it available on our Facebook page and on the official website.

And if you enjoy the book, please leave a review where you got it from, or anywhere else, for that matter!

Lost City beats my target by miles
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