I’m managing to combine two challenges for 2013 by setting myself a target for the number of books read AND taking the Pre-1960 Classic Children’s book challenge.  You have to read (and hopefully review, but that’s not essential) one book a month, and that will count towards my Goodreads tally as well.

There are hundreds of wonderful classic books out there, and so far I have listed Professor Branestawm,  A Wrinkle in Time, Island of Blue Dolphins and the Diary of Anne Frank.  I’ve also picked out to re-read (or read for the first time) some Victorian/Edwardian books like David Copperfield, The Jungle Book and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  I remember reading a classic children’s series in Australia when I was there one year, but I can’t remember the title!  Maybe it’ll come back to me.

You can see my progress in the Goodreads box at the right side of the page (scroll down).  Most of these book reviews will appear in future Kid Lit Blog Hops, so I’m killing two birds with one stone, as they say!

If you’ve come here from the KidLit Blog Hop why not sign up for this challenge yourself?  Click the picture to get to the Challenge page.  Good luck!

Have you got a favourite children’s book that dates from the 1950s or earlier?  Please let me know below.  I thought I’d read Fantastic Mr Fox, but it is actually a 1970 publication – which is probably why I haven’t read it all before.

Would you like a Challenge?

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