Save Week is the next stage of WRiTE CLUB 2019.  For the last three weeks we’ve been choosing between pairs of finalists. Now, before we get into the next round of battles, there’s Save Week, where we vote to save someone who’d otherwise have been knocked out.

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Save Week – who to watch out for?

If you’ve been voting between the pairs, you probably need to check back and see if any of your favourites have been knocked out in round 1.

Given how close some of the choices have been, I’m sure there are for you. There will have been plenty for me.  I kept getting pairings of authors who I thought were head and shoulders above the previous bouts.

You have another few days to vote for last week’s pairings if you haven’t done so already – each vote is open for seven days.

I’m not allowed to promote any individuals, but if you vote for the person I vote for, I’ll be extra happy!

#writeclub19 Now there's Save Week, where we vote to save someone who'd otherwise have been knocked out. #flashfiction Share on X

People I’d really like to have saved

As you know, I read the whole slush pile. That’s why it’s been such a depressing three weeks for me.

My top three stories didn’t make the final!

At least two of those offered in the first round scored a paltry 12 out of 20 in my scoring system – putting them below the 200th place in my ranking!  And no, I didn’t like them any better in the first round proper. I didn’t vote for them, of course 🙂  My top three scored 19/20.

I look at the ones I scored low that other slushpile readers rated highly, and I wonder why. Is it taste?  Fashion?  There certainly seems an element of fashion in them.  What currently sells is not what I like to read, or write, for that matter, save for British-based crime fiction.  I am not ‘on trend’, obviously.

Maybe I’m ahead of it?

Keep Voting

Just nip over to DL Hammonds every day, or in a batch if you find it easier, and vote for your favourite of the day.  The authors need you!


WRiTE Club stage 2 – SAVE WEEK! #writeclub19
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4 thoughts on “WRiTE Club stage 2 – SAVE WEEK! #writeclub19

  • 20 May, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    I voted every day, Jemima and some days we agreed, but often we disagreed. I’m sorry your top three stories didn’t make the final. Looking at the comments, I think taste is a major factor – even among those readers. Few were giving critiques. And the cat’s out of the crate – I was a failed entrant, although in retrospect my piece was poor – riddled with craft errors. (I posted the entry – uncorrected – on my blog.) Off to save someone.

    • 21 May, 2019 at 12:01 am

      Oh dear. Well, it’s certainly different. But I’m afraid I didn’t like it at all, and as you admit – there were some craft errors 🙂

      • 21 May, 2019 at 2:15 am

        Agree with that, Jemima. I tried to write something unrelated to my Sparkle or other pieces – and looking at it now it was poor. One of those instances where I conned myself.

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