Spring update time for my SpaceTime Reading Challenge.  We’ve been going for three months, so you should be one quarter of the way towards your challenge target.

Yes. One quarter. When I realised this first update was due, I had just finished my first scifi book for the year.  This week I finished the second.  So, having picked ‘Interstellar Explorer’ as my target (10), I’m nearly on schedule.

You can check the details at my challenge page.

Leave your Spring Update in the Comments

How are you doing?  Nearly on schedule?  Nearly finished for the year?  Hoping to catch up while you’re on lockdown but discovered several interesting things to do in the attic instead?

I hope to hear from each of you.  Drop a line about your progress in the comments, or leave a link to your own update post.

You can still join in!

If you’d like to read some space-based science fiction, and/or time travel, you can pick a target and join in at any time till the end of November. The details are in my Challenge page, or you can sign up in the linky above and set a target later.

Update on my other Reading Challenges

A quick look at my other reading challenges for the year suggests I’m struggling with them as well.  The self-imposed rule not to include a book in two Challenges unless one of the is Mount TBR has really cut progress, especially as I got hung up on several while I was moving house or because I simply didnt enjoy them. No excuse, though, I have time to edit Princelings Revolution, unpack boxes, garden and read books now!

  • Non-Fiction Adventure – soft target achieved, but a long way to go on the stretch target
  • 2020 new releases – halfway there.  I really must stop being enticed by NetGalley.
  • Alphabet Soup – 6 read out of 26. That’s only just behind target, but it’s the big loser from the self-imposed rule.
  • Cloak and Dagger – well, I haven’t even started this one.  Last year was so easy. I have loads to read that will also help Mount TBR.
  • Mount TBR – is looking good, 10 out of 36 is ahead of schedule.  But it gets a head start with those newly published books I put on my TBR late in 2019.  If it had to be on the list before September 2019 I’d only have 4. Must do better!


SpaceTime Reading Challenge | Spring update #spacetimereads

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