Halfway through the Reading Challenges for the year already.  Time for the second of four that I hope to do this year – since I remembered to do one at the end of March.  Click the progress links to see the challenge page and the books I’ve included.

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

In March I had already done 12. I’ve only done four more, which, although that takes me past halfway, suggests I’d better put more effort into finding books to fill my gaps.  Although I have done some more to fit the MG one I do for the Goodreads GMGR group.  That’s now at 10.

Progress: 16 out of 26 letters completed to date

Colour Coded Reading Challenge

There are nine colours (or combos) to include, either in the title or as the principle colour of the cover. I’ve completed them all except Yellow and the ‘multi-colour’ which could be rainbow or paisley or polka dot or something like that.  I have a Yellow ear-marked.

Progress: 7 out of 9 completed so far.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge

I’m feeling fairly happy about my stretch target for this challenge this year, to read 36 books from my To Be Read list.  All the Light You Cannot See is my twentieth from the list this year.  But my TBR has grown to 538, more than thirty new ones…twelve of which were in June. So, no more new books this year!

Progress: 20 out of 36.  That’s good going!

A Non-Fiction Adventure

The long-term Challenge – fifty books over ten years, or five a year.  I haven’t read any more since March, but I only need two more this year.  One of the candidates for a Yellow cover is a non-fiction book. But I really ought to read the one I’ve been putting off for over twenty-five years!

Progress: 3 of 5 for this year.

What an Animal Reading Challenge

I thought this was going to be more difficult this year, so pulled the target back to six.  How wrong can one be?  Mind you, I’ve had some weird animals in among my fantasy/time-travel books!  I’ve already passed the target – maybe I’ll increase it to twelve.

Progress: 8 out of a target of 6.  

Wild Goose Chase Reading Challenge

Now, this is a different challenge.  Even Bruce Gargoyle is struggling to read a book from each of his seven categories relating to the words wild, goose and chase.  We both seem stalled at four, and the ones I included but thought were dubious are much less dubious than other people’s offerings! I’ve just bought a ‘bird’ book, though – which was already on my TBR.

Progress: 4 out of 7 categories.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I see this as less of a challenge than a tallying exercise; I use Goodreads listings and shelves to track my reading successes – and failures. I’ve abandoned two this year so far, both from my bookclub (not included in the total).  The Clean Sweep ARC Challenge was a great boost for this total.

Progress: 31 of 52 books, six ahead of schedule.

And of course, I’m also on track for my Reading Addict Challenge of five reading challenges completed this year.  Must put some effort into the Wild Goose Chase, and also finding that multi-coloured cover.



Challenge round-up – halfway through

6 thoughts on “Challenge round-up – halfway through

  • 3 July, 2017 at 8:20 am

    Hi Jemima – I just had a look at a couple of of the challenges – the alphabet soup and the colour one … and can see they’d encourage one to read … and with the books here – perhaps I should join .. we’ll see … but I’m thinking! But good for you … cheers Hilary

    • 3 July, 2017 at 10:04 pm

      It’s just a bit more fun – and helps me choose what to read next!

  • 4 July, 2017 at 12:06 am

    I think my Goodreads challenge will be a tad inflated this year because my tally will include all my DNF books and there are quite a few of those so far. I think overall we’re all doing a cracking job so far!

    • 4 July, 2017 at 2:29 pm

      Well, that’s allowed. I put them back on the TBR if I don’t want to finish them now, as opposed to never wanting to see them again 🙂

  • 4 July, 2017 at 2:30 am

    That’s a lot of challenges! Joining challenges doesn’t really change my reading, though I’m making a little more effort this year to read through the alphabet for GMGR. Mostly I just read what I read, and fit the books into categories when I can!

    I’ve been on a real non-fiction kick lately, though they’ve all been audio books.

    • 4 July, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      I got my first audio book from the library today. Hilary Mantel’s The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher. The blurb using ‘subversive’ had me hooked. Also got Counting by 7s for GMGR, Hollow Boy and The Giver. Only one of those fits in any of my Challenges :O Unless the Assassination of MT was non-fiction (in an alternate universe, maybe)

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